Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Here are a few random things from life lately.

I came home from working out to find this... Glenn asking me to our Mormon Youth Prom.

This is my "be a total excited dork" pose. I hope you enjoyed it.
(If you don't know whether that caption was meant for the picture above or below... yes to both.)

This, my friends, is a surprise ball egg. If you haven't had the pleasure of being introduced before, allow me: here

Cute prizes inside. I was so impressed that this was a mini view finder.

As you flipped the tiny pages it was a kissing animation :).

Love surprise balls.

Never fear, our master plan to sign up to chaperon the Mormon Youth Prom and really be having a mini-party ourselves was totally foiled. They didn't need any more chaperons (that word looks like it needs an 'e' but spell check denies it.). Maybe the flip book should have shown us holding hands on the couch in pajamas watching Dick Van Dyke reruns instead...

Actually, I only kid, Glenn's staying true to his invitation and we're heading out for some fun that night.

Around General Conference I made 72 hours kits for the kids

They loved them and felt like superheroes...

But they wouldn't make it ten feet with those babies on their backs. Alas.

We got toilet papered. Twice. Ward Youth.
It's an expression of love. I hope.
Maybe we should toilet paper them on the night of prom.

I won't delve into the nasty things, like pink eye's reign of terror this past week (probably a gift from Chuck E. Cheese or McDonald's playplace during Spring Break). Does anyone else think pink eye is brutal psychological warfare? I end up bleaching and washing and rubbing acholing everything I can imagine over and over again in an attempt to keep it from spreading and taking a second round. Not to mention the constant scrub down my kids keep getting. It makes me very near the line of crazy.


Brooke said...

That is super fun- I am a tad bit jealous- I would love to go to a mormon prom with my honey. :) I am sorry about the pink eye, sickness things that require constant cleaning make me crazy too. I'm glad you're out of it now!

Heidi said...

I am So glad to have a new post from you! I can't believe how grown up Ali is getting! I really want to hang out with you and your kids! I especially love the picture where they look laden down with 72 hour kits. Good for you for making those! How impressive! Also, well done to your Glenn for that darling surprise egg! I love how cute you two are!

Burt Fam said...

You might have the most creative husband ever -- love the surprise egg! Oh, to go to prom with your husband, now THAT would be fun.

Kudos on the 72 hours kits. I keep telling myself I need to do that. Where'd you get your packing list?

Now. Pink Eye. I pity you and hope you're in the clear (no pun intended) soon.

Tahnee said...

Did you guys get them on prom night?!