Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter... mingled with revenge.

We had a wonderful Easter with two of our dear friends- The Libertors and Ortons. It was so nice to have it feel like a holiday with people to share it with. It is hard to share some of our other friends with their in-town families on holidays... priorities, right?

(Rio and Belize are two of Max and Jonas' best friends.
We love Shauna and Brannon, so it works out well!)

(They have four kids- these three beautiful girls and a little boy also named Max)

Easter morning brought a teething Ali who didn't care much for baskets....

Until she learned they have candy!

The boys were elated to find baskets

I had to question why I had included stamps for a three year old...

(Ali followed suit after she saw the cool trick her brother had discovered. I should have taken a picture before cleaning her.)

We had a "lovely" (that means our kids were running everywhere) family home evening on the Savior's last week. I was so happy that it pulled together when we sat them down to see one of the Easter Mormon Messages (I LOVE the Mormon Messages- they are so powerful and full of the spirit!). Other Easter fun included making chocolate egg nests, visiting Wilderness park, and an Easter Egg Hunt (with the large bunny you see pictured above. It's like a small dog, it's awesome.)

Now for the revenge :).... bwa ha ha.

While our darling ward youth headed out to Mormon Prom, we went for a date to the Santa Monica Pier to ride ferris wheels and roller coasters. But when we returned... we did this:

I honestly think this is the first time I have ever toilet papered anyone. But we included balloons and Hershey Kisses to make it fun. Plus their parents helped :). You may recall we were TP'd twice the other week. This was Perpetrator #1's house. We'll have to get the energy up to get Perpetrator #2's house another weekend.

In other news, Glenn did a fun act for our Ward Talent Show. He did a live upside-down speed painting of one of the ward members. He was entertaining as can be to watch (I won't comment on the 80's rock music selection that apparently most of the Elder's Quorum feels the same bizarre adoration for...) and I was very impressed with his work. You can see it here:

It was a big hit!

Speaking of talents, Max submitted photos of his lego creations to the Lego magazine and got a letter back saying it may appear in next month's magazine (we can't tell if it is a form letter or not. They did an awesome job on it and Max felt as special as can be!)


zaharacafe said...

Congratulations to Max on the Lego creation! What a creative bunch!

Brooke said...

What a fun Easter! And I love Glenn's picture- that's awesome! Way to "give back" in toilet papering that house, I love it!

Heidi said...

THAT IS AWESOME THAT YOU GOT REVENGE! How did I not know about this date/act of revenge?! I love the pictures of the stamped Jonas and the teething Ali! Abigail has that little move down, too! Glenn is so talented. I love his picture!

Brianne & Jarod said...

Can I admit that sometimes I really wish I lived closer to you? I just think you (and your family) are so incredible! Love the updates!!!