Monday, February 28, 2011

Some February Happenings

If you know Glenn well, you know he is happiest when he is creating. I really should post more about his projects- I'll include a few of them here. First, Glenn and Max made a homemade pinata... it was adorable and inevitable. We had two HUGE pinata's in our garage all week for a ward party- and Murphey's Law, the kids got sick with the flu and couldn't go to bash in the pinatas they had been dreaming of all week. So, Glenn came up with this plan. As you can see on his face, it went over well :). He's a fun one.

Jonas got Croup with a flu this week, so Glenn had to stay back with him from church on Sunday. I came home to find this:

This month we also went to a new shop in LA that a friend of Glenn's opened called Q Pop. Glenn was asked to do a piece for an art exhibit for the place. This is what he did (on scratchboard! Those thin black lines were what was left unetched- isn't that cool?!):

Good Ol' throwback to Space Odyssey

Outside Q Pop.
Our camera promptly died as soon as we got in there, so this is all the evidence we've got.

And while we're on the topic of Glenn's art, a few weeks ago he did this water color of my grandparent's house:

Actually, I think all his art is fun. If you want to see some more of his work (including the closing trailer for Matthew Perry's new show Mr. Sunshine) you can go to his art blog:

If Glenn's not creating something, his next preference is to be on the move, so we went to a place called Adventureland next to Knott's Berry Farm the other day. Lots of fun for our age kiddos. Well, if you exclude the small rollercaoster that apparently scared them quite a bit... see below.

Isn't this classic?! I asked Max how it had gone and he answered,
"I closed my eyes and didn't say anything!"

Yes, that is Glenn recording the whole experience with the camera pointed towards them. I hope we can post that clip- it's hilarious! Also, Glenn's knees were in severe pain. I wonder why...

Handsome knight on his steed.

All too happy to be brushing goats with the provided scrub brushes!

She's growing up, eh?

Chicken chasing. I think he gets this craving from his Uncle Trevor who is bound and determined to catch a seagull on one of his visits out here.

Note I am trying to hold on to Max and secure Jonas with my legs across the seat. Jonas kept saying "Hold tight, hold tight!" but Max was insistent he needed me right next to him.

Well, it's not a perfect shot, but we're all looking forward and that was better than the rest of my options...

And finally, Valentine's Day. This year I had a fun plan for Glenn at work, but he took the day off (even better!), so my plans had to be changed to an at-home version of this:
This shot reminds me of that old early reader book "Fun with Gum" about the dog who had strung gum all over the house. Glenn had to follow the string to find his gifts throughout the house. It was a fun change from our norm. At the very end he got a tennis racket so we headed out with the kids in tow to play at a local court. You can imagine how efficient that game proved to be.

We headed out to the beach later in the day (after a donut run, if my memory serves correctly). I think we probably take several donut runs a month, so they all get a bit jumbled!

Max has his Dad's gene for wanting to create... this is what he spent Valentine's Day morning making :). I love the way his brain works!


Brooke said...

How fun! I love all the pictures hanging up for Valentines day- I'll have to try that in future v day decorating endeavors. And lots of adventures this month! What a fun post, keep them coming!

The Alger Family said...

What a fun family. Great memories created.
WE miss you!!

Brianne & Jarod said...

I love the pictures and your family Kristen. You truly embrace what is best!!!

TM CLAN said...

Wow, that was a lot of happenings and quite possibly the coolest pinata I've ever seen. Great Valentine ideas too!