Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Birthday Boy!

If you haven't already heard me lament, we had to cut his hair short when a haircut went awry!

Always best to wear a black shirt when making fondant...

Glenn's cake carving skills at work.

Yeah, let's be honest- Glenn is responsible for the rest of what happened to make it look like this:

She likes capes :)

I keep checking blogger to see if my friends have posted something new... since I am guilty of not posting too, I'll take a minute to put something up! Here's a post I am late in delivering:

Jonas just turned three- a major change for a boy who spends literally half of his day telling me "Mom, I'm two." It was quite the day of celebration since it landed on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day this year- we were together as a whole family all day! We finally went to the dreaded Chuck E. Cheese (exhausting for a germaphobe like myself!) and made him a Little Einstein's rocket cake. As for gifts, Jonas is a totally different breed than Max. Max can tell you who gave him exactly what- and on what occasion- going back for years. Jonas barely took note that he got a new scooter and soccer kit. I highly doubt he even remembers they were birthday presents at all! Oh well.

Jonas deserved a good birthday- he is such a treat in our family: cuddler, sports man, Up Dawg keeper, button lover, heights jumper, sweets devourer, scanty eater, little brother, big brother- he plays many roles in our house. I have been loving his current transition into a little man while still maintaining his lengthy afternoon nap. There is nothing quite like having him cuddle on my lap, then randomly look up and say "Mom, I like you." His language is in that darling young place, so he'll talk about "yours hands" and "Mom, me need that" and "Thank you sister princess". His little freckled cheeks and blue eyes run out after me anytime the front door opens (which is a lot when you calculate taking out dirty diapers, laundry in the garage, and half my pantry on the garage shelves). No one is allowed to leave the house without a warm good-bye from Jonas (and if you do, I have a little boy bawling on my lap for a good 15 minutes crying your name!). He loves people and balls (he loves to play throwing games as often as he can rope someone... meaning me... into them)- and I think he is delightful. Jonas Earl Harmon, we love you!

At A Glance:

Height: 3' 2"
Weight: 32 lbs
Favorite Sweets: "beans".... jelly beans, Dum Dums, frosting, cookie dough- on and on!
Favorite foods: chicken nuggets, ketchup, cheese, yogurt, peanut butter... actually this list is depressingly scarce, so we are going to stop there before I break into tears about it again.
Favorite activities: anything involving throwing or hitting a ball, painting, cuddling, crawling into our bed at approximately 3:45 each morning, singing, watching TV (yes, he loves it)
Favorite Shows: Bubble Guppies, Team Umi Zoomie, Little Einsteins, Phineas and Ferb
Friends: Rio and Belize, Ian and Lucah (Ian and 'Mooska'), Vance (this is Max's friend, but Jonas has now staunchly claimed him as his own), Uncle Trevor (Jonas randomly talks about Uncle Trevor here and Uncle Trevor there. He loves his Uncle.)


Andrea said...

Yeah for an update! I wonder sometimes if I should make my blog public so it is easier for my friends to check it.
Your little ones are so cute! I love the age of 3...so great! Happy Birtday, Jonas!

Heidi said...

I love the pictures! Every time you post new pictures, I am amazed at how much your kids have changed! They are growing up so fast and the are SO DARN CUTE!!! They didn't have any other choice, but to be good looking with such good-looking parents! By the way, Abigail wants to know when Ali can fly out for a playdate? :)