Friday, May 13, 2011


We got to have our dear friends the Stevensons over two weekends ago. We really wish we had had more time with them (like a month!), but we were thrilled to get what we could.

We loved that our kids played like they had known each other for ages...

On Sunday we got to have a group dinner with Eric's family, who I love! Seriously, I wish we could have had the whole evening together. We threw a fun Birthday party for Heidi in there and I learned that I had made two major mistakes in that meal: red pasta sauce, and red velvet cake. Those two enemies kept me from holding still long enough to get in good conversations with these people I love so much! Hostesses, be warned! Still, it was wonderful to see everyone again.

The beautiful Birthday girl Heidi
Eric's mom and Kristen
(we were both born on December 9th! Pretty cool- I'd share a birthday and name with her any day!)

We miss you guys already and hope you are coming back SOOOOOON!

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Brooke said...

We wish we could have stayed longer! Thanks again for being such amazing hosts, and more importantly good friends. You guys are the best!