Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sometimes I Remember Who I Am!

My last post was about feeling that I have forgotten how to relax and have fun. This week had two very fun experiences to help me feel that again. (I sat on that entry for a week and didn't want to post it because I was worried that it made it sound like I don't appreciate being a wife and mother- and I really, really do. It is just that I feel I've grown a bit too serious.)

First, we had an AWESOME (yes, truly AWESOME) girl's date out to a gorgeous restaurant/cafe called Bottega Loius. Oooooh. Lovely. This is what a girl can dream about... high ceilings, crown molding, gold leafing, and gorgeous desserts as far as the eye can see. Top this off with some of my favorite company and we are in business for relaxing and fun! Heidi, we are DEFINITELY going here!

Some of the ladies ordering... it was so hard to choose!

The second thing from this week was our marvelous Memorial Day. We met up with our friends the Jeffords in their amazing house that makes me forget about California's tiny living spaces. You know how sometimes you will make a friend and you know you were obviously destined to be friends? Well, that is Suzy. I love her. I love that her texts will make me laugh from my gut out loud (Heidi, it's really a cackle) and I'm so glad she is back in my life after a year of thinking she had moved back to Texas. It is one of Heavenly Father's kindest tender mercies to have given me inspiring and wonderful friends- I have been blessed with more than I ever deserve and I am immensely grateful to add Suzy to this list!

I'm sure we overstayed our welcome (we stayed for 5 1/2 hours!), but it was just so hard to leave.
Such beautiful women- Suzy and her daughter Darby

Ali's diaper soaked up half the kiddie pool!

Slip n' slide!

Brandon and Suzy

Fun times!
(*I'm sure you don't need me to tell you this, but those are just IBC Rootbeers on the table)

Lots of water- pools, fights, balloons, games (even prizes!)

Ali and Juliette. Ali went through six outfits (literally!) going back to the pool. She loved it!


Shauna said...

I'm going to need to have you send me those pictures! I had SO MUCH FUN!!! It was dreamy! Looks like you guys had a good memorial day too! And by the way that last picture of you and Glenn- so gorgeous, it pretty much needs a frame (or you could frame the desserts picture too-hahaha)

TysonandMarthaGerber said...

ooh that food looks so delish! I love girls night. I had one this last week and its' so fun to just talk & Talk.

Heidi said...

You know, as much as I love how fun you are, I would say that your Christ-like charity is even more of a defining feature of your personality. Being a wife and mother gives you more opportunities to exercise that charity than ever before. You haven't forgotten who you are! You are even better than you were in college!