Friday, November 12, 2010


What my boys will do on a Saturday morning...

Loved the ward trunk-or treat

Coffin brownies as part of Sunday's dinner

The kids Halloween dinner (the eyeballs are watermelon balls)

Max told Glenn what he wanted for a jack-o-lantern, so Glenn drew it on the pumpkin and Max carved it out. When did he grow into a real little man? As you can tell, Glenn LOVES it.

That really is Max in his costume, Glenn did some photoshop magic

Ali was a bat because she had fangs :)

I am quickly learning Halloween is right up there with Christmas for Glenn on Holidays. If only he had time to carry out all of his grand designs- we'd have a spook alley, maze, animated dinosaur roaming yard for Halloween. Alas, we have three children and limited time (not to mention this year Halloween fell on Sunday so we celebrated early), so Glenn's scheming takes quite the hit. Still, he had some real winners this year. Check out the Popeye Pumkin... make that PRIZE WINNING Popeye Pumpkin (Won a contest over at Sony. People loved it!). Glenn had him reaching for a can of Spinach. The Monster had sucker eyeballs for trick-or-treaters to take out. We didn't get so many this year, did you?


Glennard said...

Wow, you stack it all up like that and it looks like one festive season. Nice post, Honey!

Kelly Nordfelt said...

I remember the Harmon Haunted house that Glenn and his brothers would do. Awesome pumpkin! Good work!

TM CLAN said...

Wow, you all are over the top and so very creative. I could learn a thing or two from you. Celebrating holidays is not my claim to fame. Thinking about it, I don't really have a claim to fame...yet. (hehe)