Friday, November 12, 2010

Ali is ONE!

Birthday Morning!

About a year ago!


All too soon that cake is going to have sixteen candles on it...

It may have been a small group, but it was lively!

Ali likes savory over sweet, so she really didn't even touch her cake. We tried.

Loving having Grandpa here!

She loved her presents- particularly the play jewelry. She loves to feel like a big girl!

Isn't she wonderful? Ali has brightened our lives so much this last year. She is bold, full of life and intelligence, confident, loving, beautiful, and GOOD. Soon we'll post her first year video (or a portion of it- it runs almost ten minutes long) and those of you out-of-town can get a taste of her personality. I am quite sure Ali will grow up to be fully engaging and charming. She certainly gets to rule the roost around here anytime she wants! I guess that's the advantage of being the only little princess in the house :).

A few notes on Ali:
*She gets punchy when she is tired. REALLY punchy.
*She LOVES to dance in my arms while I sing Disney Princess songs. LOVES it.
*Ali wants to do anything she sees me do- cook, clean the couch, do laundry- everything.
*Anytime water starts running for a bath or shower, Ali bee-lines it to try to hop in.
*She is 'The Great Communicator' in our house. She has been able to make her wishes clear almost since birth. She started nodding yes to answer questions and indicate what she wanted for food by six months old, but even as as a newborn you could tell what she wanted- i.e. don't tickle the head, but the arms and legs are good.
*She has traded out her dark haired mohawk for light brown/blonde curls.
*Ali likes to be strong and has a feisty streak of independence in her. She has been holding her own head up since she came home from the hospital... quite apropos.

We love our little girl! Thanks for joining our family our sweet Alison Kim!


Glennard said...

And she has the Blue-est eyes I've ever seen. We love you little Lady!

Shauna said...

Oh beautiful Alli! What a wonderful first year!

TM CLAN said...

Perfectly written tribute to your beautiful daughter. Pull this out to remind her if she ever forgets...say about when she turns teenish. ;)

zaharacafe said...

I also love the pink of the cake, in addition to everything else. Tanner Shushu is doing great I see. What a beautiful bunch!

Heidi said...

I love this post! She is just so beautiful and sounds a lot like her mommy! Can't wait to meet her again! Abigail says that she is going to learn how to write as soon as she can so they can be penpals.