Sunday, September 05, 2010

Disney Magic

Well, I've given in... and learned I really like it. Last week, I felt like I wanted some family down time as we ended our Sunday (EXTREMELY unusual that we didn't have plans or company that night)-- so I suggested we have a family Disney movie night. We usually don't have TV on Sundays to help set it aside as a day to the Lord, but it felt okay, so I went for it. Turns out, this is absolute magic.

Cinderella has never been so fun as when you have your darling little boys giggling about the mice, daughter cooing at the screen, and handsome husband cuddling the group on the couch with a big smile. Add on the movie snacks (Max was delighted!)... and you have a perfect evening. Honestly, one of those magic moments you dream about when you are a little girl planning your future family.

Well, this Sunday I intentionally kept the evening free again to try the magic one more time- and viola! Turns out Aladdin had us all captivated and cuddling for the second Sunday in a row. We discussed what we learned at the end... tell the truth.... and I feel completely satisfied with our break from TV fasting on Sundays.

I think we have found a new tradition. As Glenn said, it is like rediscovering these movies when we watch them with our delighted children. So many fun options coming up- Lion King, 101 Dalmatians, Jungle Book, Sword in the Stone, Tarzan... I'm looking forward to the fun ahead.

As a post script here- I've included some pics of Ali from this morning... isn't she adorable? She just learned to crawl this week and it has left her happy, cuddly, exhausted, and napping. Could I be happier? She is now 10 months old and SO BEAUTIFUL. Her top teeth seem to be coming in out of order (he he! It's going to be pretty cute for awhile until the middle ones grow in!). I was a little concerned about it at first, but now think it totally adds to her charm. She continues brilliant and charming.


TysonandMarthaGerber said...

I love that headband on her! So cute. Her dress is darling. Kids bring such a new perspective on movies. It's all of the sudden very new. Glad for the new tradition.

Andrea said...

What a gorgeous little girl! Eden's teeth came in on one side before the middle. She looked like a little hill-billy for a while, but it was cute. Sounds like a fun new tradition. Keep the updates coming...I have missed them!

Shauna said...

Just looks like she's getting her 2nd teeth in before her first. :) She's napping!?!?! Glory glory!!! Can't wait to watch her crawl around on Wednesday!

Britt Wright said...

Ali is beautiful!! I love seeing pics of her and your boys too! It is amazing how they grow up so fast...and thinking you stay the same age too. (haha) Keep the pics coming! Love to all!

Brianne & Jarod said...

She is simple precious. It must be so much fun to have a little girl after two boys :) Funny thing is that you are the second friend of mine with a baby girl whose teeth are doing that...I think it is ubber cute!