Wednesday, August 25, 2010

To the MAX...

I have begun that excited anticipation coupled with mourning that accompanies sending your first-born to Kindergarten. Max is so very ready- reading, doing math, loving being with other kids- all of it. But I realize I am losing the one who shares creative thoughts with me during the day, expresses gratitude, even shares some of the work load. When Max was about Jonas' age, we'd sing him to sleep with the "Mighty, Mighty Max" song where I would make up verses about how fantastic he was and the things we had done that day. It is hard to pass off some of those verses to someone else. It is hard to not know all of his comings and goings.

But I have confidence in my boy. He already talks about not liking "words that Harmons don't say", and has practiced making introductions to new friends and inviting them to play (this is adorable, by the way). He has become more flexible than I ever would have imagined. He is more adventurous than I ever would have imagined. He continues to be very aware of himself and his emotions. I am going to miss him for five hours a day, but he is going to love it. I can't imagine what it is going to be like to send him off to college or a mission...

Since Max has been blowing my motherly mind lately, I thought I'd share some of him in pictures.

His Art

His Goodness

His Mind

This is a memorial brick for my mom at Wayfarer's Chapel here. Max read the whole thing without trouble, except the word 'laugh'. He said "This is a funny word". No pun intended.

This is a lego set he got for his birthday (thanks Grandpa and Uncle Trevor!). It is for 7-12 year olds. He built the three sets himself using the instructions. He can focus easily for over an hour on this without looking up. Once he has built something though, he takes it apart and starts creating his own intricate creatures from the pieces.
He really does blow my mind.


Sheri said...

Kristen, I can't get over how talented you are! Your blog is well written and clever, your pictures are beautiful, and you are obviously an incredible mom to be raising such a fantastic little boy! I LOVE his picture of Phineas and Ferb (my very favorite kids show, by the way). Welcome to the world of sending your babies off to school. It truly is such a bittersweet moment.

Andrea said...

Wow! What a smart little man. They must have all-day Kindergarten there. I am struggling with the 2 1/2 hr. Kindergarten for Eden. I don't like letting her grow up, but she is on her way whether I like it or not.

Brooke said...

Wow! Max is growing up so much! And should I be surprised at all that he is reading and doing math and amazing art BEFORE he goes to Kindergarten? No, not with Glenn and Kristen as parents. I know he'll have so much fun at school. Ali by the way is such a doll! I have to say I am a twinge bit envious of her beautiful hair, but I especially loved that picture Max drew of her in her high chair, that is so sweet!

Daisy said...

My favorite drawing is phineas, ferb and perry! That is Caleb's favorite show and our whole families I might add!! I just showed Caleb the picture and he said he likes to draw like me!! But seriously wow!! I am way impressed he is amazing! He is going to draw like his daddy!