Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Up Dawg

*Sniff, sniff*
"Do you smell Updog?"
"What's updog?"
"Not much, what's up with you?"

Yesterday we made a change we have been dreading for six months. We now have a kids room for three. Ali was outgrowing her bassinet and Jonas kept crawling into our bed at 2 am anyway, so we decided to just go for it.

A little redecorating and a quick trip to Ikea and- Viola! Playing on the "You are now Top Dog" theme (hence dog PJ's and new stuffed animal)- we actually got Jonas to sleep in the top bunk last night surprisingly easily. I asked Jonas what he wanted to name his new dog and "Up" was all he said- hence, "Up Dog" was born.

Max was eager to get a shot with his new stuffed animal as well- a pillow pet Panda from Disneyland he has named Cool. "When he talks it sounds like crunching and he likes to eat marshmallows and blackberries, that's why he's black and white." (Max)

Jonas reminds me so much of a 'Wild Thing' with his shaggy hair and new techniques for bending the rules, which made it apropos when he begged to get into his Tiger outfit today. Fitting. Charming. Darling growing little man.

These kids are growing too fast for me now. I really haven't felt that before, but now time seems to have picked up to a gallop after being at a slow trot for years. I am hoping there is a way of bringing the horse back down to a walk now, but have the feeling we are beyond that point.

In any event, I am loving it. Loving the little men running around with cars, swords, or Bionicles in hand. Loving the fake shaving in the bathroom that inevitably means a wet bathroom and change of clothes. Loving the magic of bubbles and brilliance of a four-year-old mind. Loving a baby who gives kisses, wants to grab, eat, and gnaw. I'm not in a hurry for these days to end.

May it be a little longer that Max dreams of winning a yellow cat stuffed animal to name Sun at a carnival because "I'm really good at games, Mom." and Jonas begs for marshmallows when he knows he should be eating real food.

Long live the golden years.


Brooke said...

I LOVE the new room! And it gives me hope that for the next few years when we live in a smaller place we can have three kids in one bedroom, and it still look cute and be functional. I'm glad you're enjoying this stage so much although it's flying by!

Brianne & Jarod said...

Wow! All three of them in the same room? Isaac is such a light sleeper..he would be up all night long and waking the baby up! Your post is uplifting...and I agree with you about the whole FAST thing...I just can't believe our babies are going to be 6 months old!!!

TM CLAN said...

Who wouldn't want to climb in that fun top bunk?!