Monday, March 22, 2010

A Few New Pics

Oh so sweet! She is truly fun to be with each day- so much fun and so little work!

Max is growing so big each day- this is a really fun time with him. I am trying to revel in the precious few days I have left before he is in kindergarten.

Yes, that impish grin does have a bright mind, mischievous curiosity, and sweet heart behind it. I love this little boy's two's.

Just thought you needed to see this one...

This is my Aunt Alison whom Ali is named after. I am such a fan of both of these ladies!

What a crew!

Having three kids four-years-old and under has left me with little time for blogging, so these posts will be few and far between and annoyingly long. My apologies up front.

What to say about Ali... our happy little angel sleeps through the night, is physically strong, is teething hard, has the most adorable dimples and looks darling in pigtails! She is very fond of her mother, which makes me feel unduly important- and I love it! Ali prefers words over sound effects (unlike the boys) and definitely has a preference for the words "pretty, perfect, beautiful, princess, and angel". We can already tell she is immensely bright and all girl (she already loves jewelry). It sums up Ali's personality in the fact that when she wakes up, she is smiling before she can even open her eyes. She is an absolutely idyllic baby.

Jonas is so very two and ADORABLE. Don't leave him alone for long or else you will have a good mess to clean up. He loves both following and teasing his big brother (they are actually good buddies these days) and will repeat almost anything you say. Jonas knows his letters and numbers now, but won't perform in unless he feels like it! I love his sense of humor, hugs, and how he'll pat the couch next to him and say "Seat, seat" for us to cuddle while we read or watch kid's shows. He adores the baby and explodes with "Cute! Cute!" anytime she is in site. I think we are finally over his fetish of touching her eyes... Jumping, climbing, pouring water, eating treats, and blowing bubbles are Jonas' favorite pastimes.

Max is four and a half and has just been through one of his transitions. It usually happens twice a year that we'll go through a stage with Max where we just don't know how to help him through his stubbornness (he is immensely aware of what he wants and how he has envisioned things happening). Then, without warning, he emerges a new soul- stronger, sweeter, and more wonderful than he was before the difficult transition time. I am beginning to think of it as his chrysalis times. The butterfly that emerges always stuns me. Max thinks and feels very deeply and his insights and comparisons are often more mature than I expect from a four year old. He is such a beautiful soul with a strong faith in prayer and self-awareness that is sobering. His art and reading are exploding, and I love his creativity in building. His current passions involve Bionicles, Bakugans, Legos, and Zhu Zhu pets. He LOVES earning quarters for toys. To Max, funny is king. He giggles and giggles at the words: goulash, snurp, Aggle/klaggle/flaggle- etc. and adores when Glenn reads him books because he makes funny mistakes (The Very Stinky Caterpillar, etc). The opposite game ("Don't go put on your pajamas") is a real stand-by for us with him right now, and usually works like a charm, though I am convinced we will pay later for using this reverse psychology. He LOVES being tickled- I remember hating being tickled as a kid, so this one stumps me. I will always feel a strong connection to Max because he teaches me so much, makes me reach a little harder, and bestows such gifts.

Glenn and I are happy but pining for some more time as a couple. By the time the kids are in bed, we sit on the couch literally in pain from exhaustion. He sweetly still rubs my feet each night and we incorporate frozen yogurt and Biggest Loser into each week. Glenn has been amazing at getting up at 5 and running to the beach and doing the stairs five times before coming home. I am still trying to find the time and energy to go running regularly- it was so nice during Christmas break when Glenn was home, so my only option to go running wasn't at 6 am. I am hoping to do exercise videos during their naptime- but I am barely able to get the house clean and my small scripture study in then- I can't imagine having to shower and get ready again too. Moms- any tips?


TysonandMarthaGerber said...

I love how detailed you are in how the sweet kids are transforming. I am so impressed with Glenn for running - my activity is just slowing down and down but I am hoping the warm weather will change that. Colorado is such an adventure. We are loving both awesome and not so awesome momemts. However one thing is still so strong -- how much the Lord loves us and wants us to win. So glad you posted.

Randall Sly said...

Wow your children are big... They are growing up way to fast. Mut be the water there.

theborgstop said...

what a great update! I can't wait to see you guys this weekend sometime!

Brianne & Jarod said...

Wow Kristen, your children are just beautiful and sound incredible. Your description of each one of them is truly precious. I feel like Jarod and I are in the same position right now, and I definitely can not find the time or energy to exercise...and it just may have to be that way for a don't be too hard on yourself. You are a beautiful woman and the Lord will bless you for putting his precious children before yourself!! (although sometimes it is necessary:)

Burt Fam said...

You are the sweetest little mama. Your kids will love reading about themselves one day. Kudos.

As for exercise (since you asked in a comment on my blog and I so rudely left it unanswered)...get a running buddy. It's THE ONLY WAY I can drag myself out of bed for a 6:00 run. Seriously, we go through the same phone call/text at least two times a week when one of us tries to talk the other one into skipping a workout only to be convinced by the stronger-willed of the day. Also, a goal really helps. We decided to start training for a half-marathon, and I've been amazed at how much more committed we've been since we outlined a training plan and pick a race date. Good luck!

Meagan said...

Your kids are growing up so fast. Ali is adorable. I don't have any tips for, sorry. I'm looking for some myself. Having 3 kids sure is a lot of work, and finding time do anything is impossible.