Monday, November 03, 2008

The Visit

Is it any wonder why I adore these handsome guys???

Check out the jacket Max insisted on wearing- it is for a 9 month old! It has little chicken legs that hang off of either side! I had brought it for Jonas, but it couldn't be removed from Max. No, the men in the background aren't holding hands... we live in LA, not San Fran.

Dad does not look (nor will I list it here) his age. Good work, Dad- I hope it's in the genes!

Yeah, it's supposed to be a dinosaur head. We had to work fast. It was a wonder we got this far with Max in it. Trevor somehow managed this bit of magic.

Glenn is the best Dad, it would be impossible to go to the beach with the kids without him. Not half as fun either!

Here come the freckles!

Yes, so we were spoiled and already got to have Dad and Trev out for a visit over the UEA holiday. Can I begin to tell you how nice this was??? I think we got more of their undivided attention this weekend than months combined when we were living at home with them (they are just so incredibly busy with work, school, callings... good guys). It was just in time to spare me from a major spell of home sickness.

We had a great time going to the beach together. I still have no idea how Trevor got Max to let him bury him in the sand, but he did! With Dad and Trev there, Glenn and I even got to get our feet wet in the waves together for a minute. The sun is bringing out my freckles again and I am trying to not feel like a little kid with my 'angel kisses' (mom always called them that to get me to like them). I think most people around here think I am 21, and I don't think freckles help my plight to dispel the image that I must have been a teen mother. Alas....

Well in a couple of days I'll post some pics of Halloween (and attempted Halloween) costumes. One day I'll actually be able to keep current on posts!


Britt Wright said...

What great pictures! And I love your angel kisses. Kristen, you are looking GREAT! I'm glad that your fam was able to visit.

Andrea said...

The weather looks amazing. I am envious that you are close to the beach. By the way, Kristen, you have quite the skinny little body. Gorgeous, as usual...freckles and all:)

Andrea said...

ps. i know how it is to be mistaken for a teenager. about 6 months ago (pre-preggie belly), I had a kid come to our door, and when I answered he asked if he could talk to my Mom. Ha Ha! I laughed right at him:)

Emilie said...

I wish that it was that warm here in Utah! Going to the beach in October....I wish. It was raining on Halloween here, so I can't wait to see pictures of the boys on Halloween! And I have to agree with everyone else, you are so stinkin' skinny :)

I am so glad that you are doing well! Did you keep your cell phone number?

Brandon And Kimberlee said...

I love seeing your updates! We do need to start texting too! Are you keeping your same phone #? You are just so sweet and cute and so missed, but I am glad to see you doing so amazing and having lots of fun! By the way, I found a cake like that in a magazine (it was an aligator) and crazy me thought "Oh I could do that and make a dinosaur!" well, thanks to a very talented friend, I am so happy with how it turned out! We sure worked on it though! Paid off! Look forward to your Halloween pics!

Mary Victoria said...

I love Max's shirt! Everyone looks so happy to be have your dad's smile!

Love you...and our freckles rock baby! Angel Kisses!

Karen said...

I can see that was a great visit! I'm anxious to come out and see y'all, too! I am here in American Fork tending Mike's brood while he and Danielle are in France. Are we jealous or what!! And I have ENORMOUS respect for you young mothers! My back is killing me and I'm exhausted! (And this is tending wonderful children! Imagine if they were difficult!) Can hardly wait to go back to my "quiet" house! Actually, no -- we're having a great time together!

The Woman said...

Ok, I'm officially jealous. I miss the beach. We're really excited to come see you guys and your new place. It looks beautiful.

And my mom and dad always called them "angel kisses" in hopes that I would stop hating my face as a young girl. It was a nice gesture ... and I never once believed them. Still, it's the same thing I tell my beautiful little girl who has a gorgeous freckled face just like I did. Now that mine are gone, I think they were adorable.

kwistin said...

Glenn and Kristen! This is Kristin (as in, the double date with Murphy/Batman premier games night participant kristin. :D )

I stumbled onto your blog and I'm so glad I found it! Adam told me that you finally chose which job and were moving. I know we didn't get to hang out too terribly often, but I'm going to miss your family being in the same state! And we never made Batman cookies! But I'm SO glad to hear you're doing well. Your home is lovely, and kids are adorable as ever. =]