Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I hate dieting....

Before we talk about dieting, let's address these adorable children in their Halloween costumes. I had been planning for months to make Jonas a garden gnome since he has those adorable huge blue eyes and impish grin. So I made a quick mock-up of his hat and beard and quickly learned that no 9 month old is going to keep that kind of a thing on their head for a full 30 seconds... so Jonas was a pumpkin.

Max had his influence on his costume too. We dressed him up as a Newsie (we MUST be old, none of the youth in the ward have any clue about that classic movie). As we were heading out the door, Max decided he wanted to wear his Bob the Builder tool belt and hat, so he went as Bob Villa (or the guy from This Old House, they might be the same person... I don't know).

I know I'm their mother, but they are adorable!

Now, as to dieting... my weight has been fluctuating since we got here. That is if you can only fluctuate up. It hasn't been a LOT, but I hate feeling like it is not under control. So, I joined the throngs of Tanners currently doing Weight Watchers last Saturday. Self control and I are kind of strangers (at least when chocolate is involved) so this week has felt long as we get acquainted. I hope this works as well for me as it has my extended family- they are looking great! Wish me luck guys!


Britt Wright said...

I know you can do great on Weight Watchers. If I can do it...there is no doubt in my mind that you can see results! Oh, and I love the boys costumes!

Brooke said...

Cute boys, love the spontaneous costumes, and that you just rolled with it, although you had been planning other things for so long. We miss you! Good luck with the weight watchers. How's your sleeping going? That is a big one to help lose weight.

Mindy said...

Ummmm, excuse me... did you not see all the comments on your last post about how skinny you are and how great you look?!? ;)

The boys are adorable!

Morgan and Joel said...

I LOVE the newsies costume - what a hunk Max is. Jonas' socks are pretty sweet.

kwistin said...

Oh. My. Adorable.

Jonas is so big! I remember how small he was when we were at long ago... ;)

And I love that in Max's picture, you're filming in the background.

As for self-control, good luck! Maybe I'll eat some chocolate for you...then again maybe not. I should learn.

Emilie said...

You really are crazy. I don't think that you could be even chubby! You look great, but whatever makes you happy, just let the chocolate win once in a while:)

The boys looked so cute, leave it to you to do something creative and not just go buy a costume at Wal-Mart!

Brandon And Kimberlee said...

You are so creative! I absolutely LOVE Jonas's socks! What a cute idea, and Max looks so great! I love the suspenders! Funny no one knows what Newsie's is! Oh well! I am surprised you feel you need to do weight watchers but I know the feeling of your body not seeming the size you think it should be! Just last month I asked my dr if my tummy healed right after Kylee (cause it just isn't going "down"!) and of course it has, I just need to work out - or diet! Ugh! good luck and all the best!

tarynn said...

Hey! I thought my sister-in-law was so brilliant for coming up with the idea for a garden gnome costume. Looks like I'll be adding you to the brilliant list. Here is a link to her blog so you can check out the end result.
We miss you guys!
weight watchers? are you kidding me? you look fantastic!

Mary Victoria said...

Yippy for Garden Gnomes!!! We are SO related!!

Kris, seriously, from a girl that beauty was her career...stop looking at those LA girls!! You are downright fabulous.

I said my peace.

Now I'm going to eat some pie.

The Woman said...

A diet? Seriously? You're nuts, girl. You always look fantastic! Love the garden gnome idea, but you're totally right about the hat and beard. Never would have lasted. Our little guy had a mask that completed his awesome costume, and it lasted long enough for exactly two pictures, and then it was history. He still looked rockin'. I've gotta get those pics up on my blog.