Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Take a close look at these pictures. Notice any running themes? THREE YEAR OLDS WILL NOT TAKE A GOOD PICTURE. I have desperately been trying to get some good family photos since Jonas came into our family to remember events and seasons- and I keep failing. Why? I think you see why.

Glenn got back from his Pixar interview late last night (yes, it was more fun than Disneyland) and brought back Pixar shirts for the lot of us.

'Perfect,' I thought, 'now we can get a real family picture.' But, of course, the three year old was not cooperating. We finished our little, unsuccessful photo shoot, and Max looked at me quite perceptively and asked:

"Mom angry?"
"Yes, mom's angry. I wanted a good picture."
"Max take picture?" He walks right over to his place in cue and pleasantly waits for a new photo.
WHA??? We got to take two more pictures with a wonderfully cooperative boy. While it's not professional- we're all there, eyes open, nose-picking free, and standing up. Check out one of our first real family photos:

(Enter large sigh of relief)

Now, other news-

Glenn had a BLAST at Pixar (thank you Ben, Emron and Jocob!!! You guys ROCK. We so appreciate you!). It has now been officially sealed in the Harmon's book of inevitable goals- we will one day work for Pixar. Glenn seriously loved what he saw there. On top of that, his friends are so happy there- they get up each day thinking "I get to go work at Pixar today!"... could it get any better?

None of this is to say that Glenn would not LOVE being with Blue Sky. There is a huge respect for Blue Sky at Pixar. They are an amazing company that takes great care of their employees and makes great movies. Not to mention- Glenn would be STORYBOARDING! As Glenn says, he feels like he's won the lottery either way.

Glenn has begun doing Father's interviews with Max on fast Sundays. It is so cute! I love to see my boys together. Glenn couldn't be a better dad.

Check out that little man's hair...yes- it's straight. He's absolutely adorable, so I like it on him. Secretly I had been hoping all my boys would have the curly hair, but it seems to fit Jonas very well this way. He continues to be an angel. I guess it is true that your heart just grows twice its size when another child comes into the family. I couldn't love him more.


Tyson & Martha Gerber said...

I am just eating my nails to find out where Glenn goes. I'm so excited for your new chapter in life - the life that you two have been waiting to so long to get. Please keep in the loop.

Brittany Wright said...

You have such a cute family! And good luck with Glenn in his job interviewing. Let us know when things turn about. Kristen, you are such a beautiful mother!

Valerie said...

Ben loved having Glenn at Pixar. I think it would complete his dream to have all of his friends with him. He told me that Glenn was like a little kid and was so excited about everything.

Your boys are adorable. If you guys move here, our kids could play together. . .well maybe CJ would babysit and Mia could boss Max around, something like that.

Emilie said...

The family picture looks cute! I am excited for you guys, I hope that you find out soon. You have to keep us posted!

Meet The Thompson's said...

so you got the job at blue sky? I can't tell if its a yes or no from the comments, but i'm assuming from your post its a YES!! congrats !! So where would you guys move to???

utahtripletfamily said...

Hey, you two! It's Melissa Lambert! Just came across y'all and thought I'd say hey! Looks like you guys are really happy! That's awesome! Keep in touch, okay?

Tristie or Dax said...

all you family pics are KEEPERS! I LOVE them. Why is it SO much funnier to see someone else's son doing that?!