Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mr. Incredible

Glenn has long anticipated being able to have a shot with "his boys". They are one handsome group! They make a girl proud.

Suiting up for some fun in the snow (Glenn took Max shopping for this winter ensemble yesterday- Max loved it)
Since Max wasn't so interested in building a snowman, plan B turned into a sled ride. "This is definitely one of life's simple pleasures," was all Glenn could say with a big grin when they came back home. Well, that and "Max, maybe mom will make us some hot chocolate!"... how could I resist?

Glenn has even been putting Max down for naps and bedtime... is he perfect?

Whoever invented paid paternity leave is a saint and deserves a federal holiday. Glenn has 7 days of paternity leave... and I have been in heaven. Literally, the transition to two children is fun with this guy around. Glenn has been super-dad and husband for the past four days and I am currently trying to figure out how I can repay him for all of his service. Shopping for girly supplies, using a Grover hand puppet to get Max to do anything he asks, taking Max shopping for snow clothes, sledding, playing with cars for hours, fetching this and that for a needy wife, rocking Jonas at 1 am... Babe, I wouldn't want to do this with anyone else!


vickiticki said...

Thank you Glenn...
wives remember...

Hugs to all of you

Kelly N. said...

Glenn! I am not surprised one bit about his helpfulness. I wouldn't have expected anything less. Kristen, you sure have a good one- and I am so glad that he chose you! What an excellent couple you two make! I love it!