Monday, October 16, 2006

He Walks!

*** I am not sure if it actually posted the three photos I attached. My site seems to be having technically difficulties...

He’s Alive! Yes, he walks, he talks (well, sort of- he tries to say dog. Inadvertently he says Mom and Dad all the time as well, but of course he is not meaning us). Should I be offended that my offspring puts more effort into trying to say dog than to call his own mother? I guess he knows one of us is coming back whether he gets the title right or not.

We’re giving a little sneak-peek at his Halloween costume here. My Mom bought this last year for him to wear this year, so it’s fun to have his Grandma Tanner still involved. You should see how mad he gets when I make him wear the head portion. Yet, we all had to do it when we were kids (my mother made me a fabulous Minnie Mouse costume and I hated the head piece), and now it's my turn to giggle as I see max stumble around looking thoroughly adorable.

We had a great time last weekend with the family and I love having a pic with Glenn and all his brothers in one spot again (I think the last one we have like this is on our wedding day… yes, that was almost 2 ½ years ago!) I hope that everyone was updated on our adventures with the empty gas tank and coasting 6 miles right into a gas station. Beautiful. Thanks again to the Woman and Man for letting us stay at your beautiful home and being wonderful hosts. We all had a great time.

That sums it up for us over here. Miguel- you rock! I went running on Wed. and was reminded of how hard it really is and what endurance it takes. Hats off to you.


Karen said...

Your comments are back! I felt so guilty not being able to let you know I had read your blog last time!

Your pictures didn't show up but I could imagine what you were describing even without the pixs. Be patient little mother - Max may not be calling Mom yet, but there will come a day when you wish he hadn't learned! Enjoy all the stages of your little one's life - they are all so short!

Miguel said...

Hi MaxMomma! I have been having technical difficulties too but just got them fixed and now I've found your site again thanks to my newly appearing hyperlinks on my site again! Has it really been 2.5 years since we took a picture of all the brothers. Those are my favorite photographs in the world, I'm serious. Is that bad that my favorites are not of my little family? Anyway, I can almost hear your voice when you talk. It's funny. Whenever you say an adjective all by itself in a sentence, that is our Kristen. Thanks for the plug on the running too. Good for you for running. I'm frickin' through with it!!!