Saturday, September 16, 2006


Okay fellow Ladies...

What is it with our men and their technolgically addicted genetics? You may have noticed that I have not posted for some time. There is a reason for this. Namely, my son. Though he be only 13 months old, he too is addicted to the computer (like his father and uncles... Trevor...Scott... Please no one take offense here, but lets call apples apples when we see them. And we do not forget who we go running to in our times of computer need).

Max screams, cries, harrasses, and pleads when he hears the hum of the laptop begin. If I should dare to sit down at the computer to attempt to put it to good usewhile he is in the room , he becomes brutal in his techniques to get to the "button haven of technology".

As I sit at the lap top at the kitchen table, he will crawl under the chairs of the table and hit his head on the edge of the table beneath the laptop until I pick him up and stop him from the self-destructive behavior. He knows this will work like a charm every time. I mean, what mother wouldn't pick him up? But then he quickly reaches across my lap to push buttons as frantically as possible. Then, the piece de resistance... he turns of the computer off before I can even say "What the?"

He has discovered the power button. Oh joy, what better way to preserve whatever I may have accomplished in the 15 seconds of peace, than to shut the computer off without warning?

We have tried many things to dissuade him. Of course the "No Max. Bad." Technique- but apparently our son thinks we are saying "Yes Max- great!" because he only looks our way long enough to give us an innocent smile, then continue 'typing'. Then we tried the "Buy Him His Own Baby Laptop" Technique which has yet to keep him occupied while the real thing runs nearby. It is a battle I feel we are destined to lose. Yet one day, it will yield fruit when we call in our 8 yr. old in to help us access something from the hard drive (yes, we did actually do this with Trevor).

Ah, me.

Well, it is a good thing that these two families produce such fine specimens of men otherwise this whole genetic obsession could be a problem.


Miguel said...

Can't explain the obsession, but feel it strongly. Love it and can't give it up! By the way, got wind of your try for St.George and now I'm going to hound you until you commit! Watch out!

Mindy said...

With Peanut Butter Cup, it’s phones. I’ve tried giving him old cell phones but he knows somehow that it’s not working properly and he’s not interested. He loves the real thing! He even takes pictures with my cell phone. What the?!? How in the world do they know? I agree, it’s nuts!

The Woman said...

Miss Priss has recently discovered games on the internet. Playhouse Disney is a favorite of hers, and I swear, she would spend five hours playing if I let her. Crazy. They start WAY too young. But I figure if they're learning, it's a good thing.

Devil Child has even started playing with Miss Priss's barbie laptop, and can actually play one of the games where she has to find the right letter of the alphabet. Child Prodigy she's not, but I'm proud anyway.

Scawna said...

We noticed on Sunday that the only time Max would come to Scott and stay happy was when Scott was at the computer!