Monday, August 28, 2006

How They Grow

So, my little man grows ever more charming… Thought you might enjoy this pic. Max has begun to copy some things we do and on Sat. we left him with a sitter who taught him to make ‘fish lips’. Darling.

This last weekend, Glenn and I took Max to a petting zoo. Let me paint a picture of the experience. We enter a barn style gift shop that looks darling, with a bored man at the counter.

"Is this where we get tickets for the petting zoo?" I hear the woman in front of me in line ask the bored man.

He mumbles some disclaimer and sells her a ticket. At this point I have a very large, loud, and squirmy one-year-old in my arms and I miss what he says as I try to keep him from wriggling out of my arms onto what I have concluded must be a very germ covered floor.

"Two tickets. Where can we buy the animal food?"

He gives me some satisfactory answer and I anxiously bring Max to the toy table while sanitizing his hands at the same time. (I know this sounds extreme, but please remember that we have spent more of my days off at the doctor's office for sore throats and ear infections than any other prefferable location.)

We discover that we may have just spent $7.00 for Max to spend the rest of the time captivated over the wonders of the moving plastic parts of a Wal-Mart farm toy. After finally prying him away, Max is introduced to his first live baby chicks. He is instantly in love and watching baby chicks cheep behind glass becomes his favorite part of the whole petting zoo.

When we go outside of the barn, I begin to realize why the disclaimer about the 'petting zoo'.
All the animals lay deep in their pens and the only one (of course, a donkey) who circled eagerly up front is accompanied by a sign that reads "Careful, I bite". Nevertheless, we are thrilled to be out and away from the storage facility.

So, we move on to the pony ride. Max apparently found this to be an emotionally scarring experience, as he balwed atop his steed with a very betrayed look on his face. But we still are not daunted, we WILL love the petting zoo.

So, we move on to view more animals. Never mind the light rain. Never mind the heavy downpour. Never mind the hail... Well, I guess the hail must have done it. We called it quits on the petting zoo. Yet, we still loved the whole experience. I guess we are just desperate for what family-together time we can get.

Honestly, though this really was one of my favorite outings since Max's birth. Just imagine next time when we do it without the hail.


Karen said...

You just wonder why you do it, right?

The Woman said...

Little things that turn an outing into a disaster at least give us fun memories. You're a good sport for trying. :)

Scawna said...

Those fish lips really are cute!

Glennard said...

When I look at my son, I can't help but think of the "I Love Lucy" theme song.

Mindy said...

Max is so cute and getting so big! I think he and Peanut are going to get into all sorts of mischief together. Can you picture the pair of them at three years old? Watch out!

You and Glenn are such good parents! Someday, Max will appreciate the outings. As an adult, I now realize what an ordeal it must have been for my parents to take six kids anywhere. I don't know how they did it.