Friday, June 17, 2011

Anniversary Ideas....

This morning I got an email inviting me to write our story of how we fell in love and some anniversary ideas for a newly started blog ( I've only been able to complete the second half of the invitation, but thought I'd post it here since I went through the work :)...

Fun Anniversary ideas:

*Writing on the mirror- you can do it with any white board marker and it easily wipes off!

*Finding a favorite movie theme. We love Pixar's "UP!", so one year I themed our anniversary around it. I bought the supplies for camping and set up camp in our back yard. Inside the tent I placed an "Our Adventure Book" that I had made, similar to the one in the movie. So fun to look back over our adventures and plan our new ones.

*Surprise drop-offs. Glenn has had neighbors deliver his surprises throughout the day while he is at work. The one pictured here with the balloons was from last year (our 6th, the candy Anniversary). All through the day I received puzzles and word jumbles and emails to give me clues as to where we were going that night. It turned out to be a swanky place on an old cruise liner-- Sir Winston's on the Queen Mary. LOTS of fun.

*Experiences together. This year we are hoping to get out to do some sea kayaking together for a couple of hours. Other fun experiences from years past: renting a car and cruising around town meeting up with friends; going to a hotel for a night (we picked one that was cheap and later learned it was famous as a 'haunted hotel'. We didn't know that until afterwards, but both had an eerie feeling the whole time we were there!); a date at the local pier riding the roller coasters and ferris wheels (prepare to feel like an adult when surrounded by a lot of teens still 'finding themselves'!); going out for just dessert at a super fancy places- all the fun at a much reduced price!

*Each anniversary I like to throw on my wedding dress and take a picture with Glenn and the kids. I figure it is a fun way to mark the passing of time (and keep me accountable for my waistline!).

* Memory Books: We have found we like the quality and pricing from They now even have a feature to make your blog into a book: We try yearly to take our journal and blog entries and add our best photos to remember our happenings that year. We call it our "Marriage Insurance" because on the hard days we can whip them out and remember the big picture and all the happy times that extend beyond the immediate stress.

*Treat messages. This year I tried a giant cookie (it's the size of a pie) with a banner in it to start off the day... I think we all liked that one!


Brianne & Jarod said...

i love these ideas! Brilliant! The UP one is seriously awesome!

TysonandMarthaGerber said...

Love the blurb book. I did our first one last year - we do two years since we did not take many pictures. I plan to do our 2009-2010 in the next couple months. How did you do the covers? I love all the mini pictures and the cool numbers.