Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mother's Day

Self timer shot :)... We were so excited they were all smiling!

Sweet Max made me breakfast since Glenn was out of town this morning. Epic amounts of Fruity Cheerios!

Awesome Carl Bloch book I wanted!

I love these people.
I love this time of their little lives where I get to be big because they are small.
I love to hear them giggle and talk to each other, or play "Tron" and build forts.
I love that when Max had to choose one word to describe me he picked "Funny".
I love that Ali tries to dress herself.
I love that Jonas is king of pretend.
I love that Glenn made me dinner and jello with sprite- and even changed the really bad diapers- to make it a great Mother's Day.
I love that each year my heart evolves a little more into a mother's heart- to learn to love what I do*, and especially who I get to do it for.
I'm grateful I had a mom who did this for me and lots of others who helped mother me so kindly.

These are blessed and sweet days.

*Maybe excluding the dishes and laundry... I hope to one day love those.

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Tara said...

Ah, Kristen, you made me teary-eyed. :) You are a mom I look up to a lot. Your home is what you make it and yours is so full of love. Happy Mother's Day!