Thursday, October 07, 2010

A Report

About the same time I started my Apron Experiment, I got a mosquito bite right on my inner ankle where my shoes rub. It's placement was irritating, but unavoidable. This week has taught me that the internet is similar.

An honest, unromantic take on my week, and it's results:

-I realized how much work it takes to remove one habit without replacing it with another (junk food was tempting to insert when I wanted a computer break, so I started a food journal to keep me reporting... that lasted a day). By day two I bought a TIME magazine on Mother Teresa for me to insert when I just needed to have a little break.

-I am a cranky soul when I work form 5:45 am to 10 pm straight without any sort of relief. I felt much too much like Cinderella. I mistook no computer time for meaning no recreational time. That was a mistake that I evolved out of over the week.

-I have achieved a greater ability to hear my children and postpone my craving to use the computer.

-Sometimes it is really good to use the computer. There are a lot of essential things that happen here. I know because I fell behind on a lot of them this week!

- I surprisingly did not find I was able to accomplish more or have more time with my children. Life is just super busy- if it is not one thing, it is another. I think it will just always be rough to get everything done as I try to run this household of five.

I have really decided it is all about balance. This week I am trying to focus not as much on staying off the computer as trying to have some meaningful time with each child each day.

By the way, it's actually quite fun to wear an apron all day- have you ever tried it? You feel a bit like Mary Poppins.


Brooke said...

Thanks for the honest report. I know for myself that sometimes I do feel a little bit of guilt when I do things on the computer or take me time during their naps, especially when there are a million other mom things I can do, but I realized if I run like you said from 5:45 AM- 10 PM, I get burned out, cranky, sick and am of no use to anyone. Maybe I'll still try wearing the apron for awhile though!

Brianne & Jarod said...

I am right there with you. Tonight is the first time in almost a month or two that I have sat down to blog. Not because I don't want to, but because life is just so busy (and I too have been trying to simplify...) Glad I am not alone! You are wonderful and just plain incredible!