Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I posed the question on Facebook- "Does it count as Spontaneous if it took me 12 hours to decide?"

In truth, it took me a lot longer- and I didn't decide until the very last minute at that. What created such a quandary-- Disneyland or no Disneyland? That was the question.

For those who don't know- I am very conscious about spending money. I wouldn't say I'm cheap, because I'm not- I am always just accounting what we are spending, where, and if it could be better used somewhere else. So, spending $250 on a one day adventure to Disneyland is a big decision for me... and I wavered back and forth in making it. But, I have no regrets about our final decision- it was a great day (yes, I'd even say $250 worth).

Three friend families with us, downpour for an hour, baby in tow, riding Indiana Jones with just Glenn, fireworks, train rides, and Jedi trainings... it was perfect. I'm glad I have Glenn who has a lot more spontaneity left in him than me to take our troupe of five out on these adventures. I'll get my moxy back someday when there is a little less of nursing, diapers, and naptimes. Until then, my spontaneous "whims" will probably continue to take a week of preparations!

Dad and his boys preparing for take-off. Cute crew!

Ah! This has been a long-held dream of mine for Glenn and I to get to ride Indiana Jones together! Loved it.


Rain, rain go away, come again some other day....

Post rain, she is still smilin'!

End of the day train ride, post fireworks... very tired, but happy kids!


Glennard said...

these pictures look awesome! Great post, Honey. Its always fun to go do that stuff with you, rain or shine.

Brianne & Jarod said...

Soooo it wouldn't so much be the money that would stop me from going...but toting around THREE lil' ones through a crazy fun-filled park would be a little scary for me! You are the WOMAN! And may I add, you look marvelous darling..simply marvelous!

Tyson Gerber said...

Oh wow! So worth the money. If you are good at other things you can take great trips like this! Love the cute pictures.

Martha Gerber

Sheri said...

Oh how jealous I am! I LOVE Disneyland so very much. We're hoping to make it this fall. We shall see if we can figure out the financial part of the idea. Great pictures! You are just gorgeous.

ali said...

It looks like lots of fun! By the look like you have "moxy-galore!)
Aunt Ali

Burt Fam said...

Looks like so much fun. Thanks for the ammo; I've been trying to talk Andy into a Disney adventure with our kiddos and can use all the lived-to-tell-about-it stories I can gather.

By the way, you look gorgeous in those pics, as always. How you can look that great and serene while schlepping three kids through the rain, nursing in public and waiting through lines, I will never know.