Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bucket List

I have yet to have time to blog about Thanksgiving, but Glenn made the turkey ENTIRELY by himself... and it was delicious! It was a wonderful day- Glenn's parents drove all the way from Utah, making it a perfect holiday.

Yes, it's true- her hair does that entirely on its own!

At the good suggestion of a friend, I have decided to blog what I know of my bucket list. Yes, we watched the movie on ClearPlay this year and I have to confess, I got a lot out of it. This is not meant as my deepest excavation of my soul, simply the things that come to me as my heart's desires that I have had for a few years. So here is what I know of my ever changing, ever growing bucket list:

1. Find a four leaf clover. * Heaven gave me one just last week, so I can check this one off.
2. Get over my stage fright. My plan is to sing or play guitar on stage at some point to do this... it will take years as I currently haven't put my voice or guitar through a good workout for years.
3. Make a perfect chocolate chip cookie (yes Melissa, this was added after reading your blog).
4. Talk less and listen more. I have a great deal to learn from other people's experiences- I want to listen more.
6. Learn to wear color and like it. I currently have a very black wardrobe.
7. Drive a sports car on the Audubon.
8. Come to my own. Hard to explain this one, but I know what I mean by it.
9. To actually forget after forgiving!
10. Run a half marathon with Glenn. Full marathon if Top of Utah.
11. Wear my wedding dress on every anniversary (pregnancies excluded, should there be any more).
12. Eat gelato with Glenn in Italy.
13. Serve a mission with Glenn. If not, work on the temple work for my ancestors.
14. Write a song & lyrics (this is NOT correlated with performing on stage).
15. Publish a children's book with Glenn.
16. Get a Master's degree.
17. Be a room mother once for each of my children during their elementary years.
18. Have at least one pet.
19. Find a hobby (this will sound quite lame to those reading, but I have yet to find a hobby I can do with children. They think my guitar time is the time I watch what they can do on the guitar).
20. Go to the Smithsonian(s).
21. Go on a cruise (we're doing this one at the end of the year!)
22. Be sure people know how I feel about them while the sun shines on the day- not on death's door or in the extremes of life. People shouldn't have to wait until those times to know they are the most important part of this mortal experience to me.

What's on yours?


zaharacafe said...

The one I love the most is wearing wedding dress on every anniversary; publishing a children's book with Glenn comes second. What I love the most about your list is that you have so many Glenn in there. He is so lucky... Thanks for the inspiration, I should be making one for myself now...

David Hulet said...

BAH! Cross off #4. You're being too humble. This is the first thing I think of when I think of. How whenever I needed it, you were always there and would just LISTEN to everything I had to get off my chest. You're an amazing listener.

So stop talking, keep listening, and cross off NUMBER 4! :P

Burt Fam said...

What a nice little compilation of your thoughts. And I, too, love the wedding dress idea. What a sweet way to look back on your life since then.

TM CLAN said...

Thanks for posting. It's a good reminder to have a bucket have a desire to DO something, which brings intent. It was fun to learn you have a need for speed...that one made me smile.

Morgan and Joel said...

I've known you all my life but there is so much I don't know about you Kris! I enjoyed reading your list. Now you've got me thinking about what would be on mine...

ali said...

The wedding dress is a great idea...however, I was married before lycra and spandex were invented! Argh!
I love your list. I love you!
Aunt Ali