Monday, October 26, 2009

Bella Bambina Shower

This is Karalea

Oh, this post is so overdue! Two weeks ago, a good friend from our ward threw the most beautiful baby shower for Little Ali and me. She is a woman of immense talent and capacity, but even I was overwhelmed by the results of her work.

Karalea interviews those she is throwing a party for in advance, so as to cater it directly to their liking! It is incredible. After our hour of chatting, she put all the puzzle pieces together to create an Italian Modern baby shower. Check out these photos. It was beyond Martha Stewart. As a matter of fact, I am quite sure we could get Karalea a consultation position for her show.

All the food was AMAZING and immensely home-made/hand-crafted: minnestrone soup, three kinds of homemade bread, amazing pasta dishes, Italian sodas, fancy cheese and spreads for crackers, grapes, and salads. Dessert consisted of home-made Italian pear gelato (my favorite!), chocolate dipped phylo cookies, and Tiramisu. It was incredible and I pigged out (why not, eh? It's not like you can tell the difference on this stomach?!) like there was no tomorrow.

The decorations were just as incredible. Karalea hand-cut all the pieces for that gorgeous banner and sweet Mandy strung it together. She picked all the colors according to my favorites... can you believe this?! The ribbons and flowers were amazing. This really felt from beginning to end like a true celebration of this feminine soul coming into the world and the momma carrying her. We even played games- 'match the celebrity to their birth name' and 'guess the number of diapers' (Thank you Mandy!). I was completely set up with outfits, frozen dinners, books, stuffed animals, supplies, diapers, and yes- even a video baby monitor for this little one! We were thoroughly spoiled. I hope to pass this generosity on to other young moms as time goes by. Thank you everyone!

To top off this perfect occasion- my Young Women were there. This was such a treat, as my YW make my heart SO happy! You cannot help but feel joy in the presence of these girls. I am so lucky to get to serve with the Mia Maids and can never get over how I love all of the YW. They really are a special generation. Again, this meant Karalea pulled off the incredible by feeding a large group- and never a word of complaint! She just kept encouraging me to invite anyone, everyone I wanted. What a gem.


Valerie Porter said...

What a fun baby shower! BTW you are looking SO good. When are you supposed to pop? Hope all goes well!

TysonandMarthaGerber said...

Wow so fun! I loved the theme. Congrats on the baby girl! So fun! We love you guys so much

April and John Meaders said...

How fun Sounds like a great shower!!! You don't even look pregnant unless you turn sideways. I miss ya and wish i could have been there celebrating with ya!!! Happy fun shower!!!

The Alger Family said...

Kristen, you look so good in these pictures! That was only two weeks ago? You look tiny! You don't look 9 months pregnant.
What a neat shower. I hope you got lots of pink things and ribbons and bows!!