Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Your thoughts please...

I just finished watching a TED lecture and quite enjoyed the summary statements made at the end. The speaker asked:
  • "Why are we here?"
  • "What shall we do about it as long as we are here?"

He gave two quotes, the first from Ludwig Vichtenstein: "I'm not sure why we are here, but I am pretty sure it is not to enjoy ourselves!"

The second is from W.H. Auden, "We are here on earth to help others. What the others are here for, I've no idea."

I'm taking a few minutes to gather my thoughts on the matter, as I think it is something for which I really should have a clearly defined self-mantra.

What are your thoughts?


Fit - Healthy - Strong said...

I think your super wise! I get nervous to answer this question because i'm nervous for our next step in our life's.

I would guess we are here to be happy with our families.

J.Ammon said...

To be cheesy...

We're here to be tested and to prepare ourselves to return to our Heavenly Father. And what we do about it is live the best lives that we can with the knowledge that we have been given.

I think the church has lots of answers to life's "big" questions.

P.S. We aren't here to enjoy ourselves? Man, I must be doing something wrong

Maxmomma said...


Most definitely not! I think you are doing something right if you are happy- and I love hearing it! It helps that you have such a wonderful little family there. Your Emily and Noah are treasures.

Britt Wright said...

I agree with Joe. And I will agree that we are here to be happy. Isn't that what the whole plan of happiness is all about. And to tell you the truth...if you are happy...you are doing more for yourself than you know....you have a better sense of who you are...and in turn....your family is happier...and

Yes, there is a balance in all things...but did our Father in Heaven really send us here to be sad...I don't think so. And we are here to be tried and tested and to have families and to serve each other and to sacrifice for each other and to love one another.

zaharacafe said...

Kristen, one more thing we do in common: watching TED. It is great, isn't it? So far, I think we are in this world to pursue the best ourselves, helping others is one way of achieving it, I believe.

TM CLAN said...

Mantra Ideas:

2/3 words used to describe you (powerful, loving, passionate, honest, creative...)

Then write how you express those qualities in the world. Maybe it's through cooking or teaching or knitting.

Then add your ideal vision of the world into a single statement.

"My divine purpose is to...inspire through teaching...by being an honest, loving, powerful woman of light...creating a world of...."

Now go to your heart space.