Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Please come back Mom and Dad!

Max adored following his 'Grampa' all over. He wanted to follow exactly in his footsteps. Priceless.
The kids LOVED the attention- whether playing cars, or reading books, building emergency stoves, or playing games... We all loved having them here.

Last week we had a wonderful visit from my in-laws. Glenn unfortunately had to miss a lot of the fun because he was busy... I don't know, earning a living for our family, or something. :) I am sorry he didn't get to be here more, because his parents are wonderful! And now- I want them back!

While Tom and Karen were here we had no major spills or mishaps from the children- mainly Jonas. Every time I turned around, one of them was plucking Jonas off the table, refereeing his unstable walking, and redirecting attention to somewhere safe. And now, the glorious six hands to help with these boys has been reduced to two! Quite frankly, I think I need the six.

Jonas- my once gentle, loving baby- is now a mischievous little toddler with one lingering question "What can I do next?" He has spent the past three days dumping out salt and pepper shakers, taking marker to the ottoman (and himself!), running from toilet to toilet to play in the water, touching all technology, dumping out all water, and making a b-line to any open door. Ten seconds is plenty of time for him to climb on top of the table and completely destroy anything that may be found thereon. And yet, he is so absolutely adorable, it is impossible to stay mad at him. Blast that charming smile. Disciplining this kid is going to be so hard.

Max has been a saint- for which I am immensely grateful! Thanks for being my great big boy, Maximus!

These are golden days with these kids- messes and all! I know I am going to miss these times. I'll try to remember that next time I am refilling the salt and pepper shakers.


The Alger Family said...

How fun! Are those pictures in your backyard? It looks so pretty! And you look great-I don't even see a baby belly. You better have one when I see you in June. ;)

Britt Wright said...

I can't believe Jonas is sooo big!! You're boys are darling. And I'm glad you had fun with your in-laws!

Karen said...

We had such fun with all of you! Watching Jonas chase the seagull on hands and knees at Redondo Beach, the beautiful Wayfarer's Chapel, seeing Glenn's workplace, having dinner "out" and remembering the "thrill" of doing that 25 years ago, and playing games after the boys were in bed - good times! We're looking forward to the end of October when we get to come out to the Golden State to see you again!

Brandon And Kimberlee said...

Oh that is so funny - only because I can somewhat relate and it's just nice to know that we all go through it one way or another and each day is a new frontier! You are an amazing mother! Hang in there and just keep doing what you are doing!