Friday, May 29, 2009

Mighty Mighty Max

Max has been pretty adorable lately, and I wanted to post a few stories (sorry if it is inappropriate to post the 'elbows' story!):

-This morning he came into my room and informed me that he couldn't find Lady (one of his Thomas trains- each one is like a personal friend to him). His solution? He should pray and ask Heavenly Father to find her for him! So he knelt right there and said a prayer! Within 60 seconds we had found her and he knelt again to say thanks. I love seeing the faith of my own boy. Nice morning.

-The other day we had company over and I was in talking with the group in the front room. Max was desperate to have me go play trains with him. I told him I needed to be with the company right now. A minute later he sidled back up next to me and said quietly, "Mom, I need you to stop talking and walk into my playroom slowly"! As if leaving quietly and slowly, no one would notice! I think I laughed so hard I almost had tears on that one.

- Max has been telling me about Coconut Trees this morning. "Coconuts grow on them, they are brown, and the shape of a peanut, and there is Coke inside!"

- Max has a new saying when we come to a book or show that he feels is bizarre. "Mom, that's too weird for me." What I want to know is why Yo-Gabba-Gabba is not in that category... I hate that show.

-Max loves the classical station on the radio in the car. He thinks the music is beautiful and compliments it frequently.

-I was taking a bath and Max came in asking what I was doing.
"I'm taking a bath," I told him.
"Why?" he asked.
"I take one every day so I can be clean." I explained.
He thought for a minute, then said "Oh! I get it- so you can wash your stomach (points to my pregnant stomach) and your elbows (points above my stomach!)"

I giggled and said that was just right- never correcting the misnomer. The next day we were at the doctor's and Jonas was getting sick of waiting and rather irritated. I started a game with Max asking him "Where's Max's nose (points to his own nose)? Where's Jonas' nose (he touches Jonas' nose)?" When I asked where Max's elbows were- he looked at me bewildered, like "I don't have elbows!" and suddenly I remembered what he thought elbows were and cracked up!

- On Sundays we have a new rule that we don't watch regular TV. It is obviously not an easy transition for a 3-yr.-old and Max has been patient when he asks for TV with my answer of "Remember Max, it is Sunday and we don't watch TV on Sundays." He is patient with this answer only until the sun goes down, then he argues- "Mom, it is not SUNday! It is MOONday now!" And he is so upset by my irrationality to insist it is still Sunday!

-In primary the other week, they asked Max to do the scripture. Max was elated to be going up to the microphone. The scripture was "I am the way, the truth, and the light..." So I whispered in Max's ear "I am," then paused. He didn't miss a cue, he went off (practically eating the mic!) "I am, Max- and you are all sitting in your chairs- " then he went off for five seconds on some speech before I could redirect him to the scripture! He likes microphones.

- We taught Max how to do Show and Tell in preparation for his pre-school in a few weeks. It is now his favorite pastime to play Show and Tell (he'd go on for hours if we let him): "Hi, my name is Max. I brought this purple car, Ramone, for my Show and Tell. Any questions?" He looks around so eagerly and confidently, maybe Max will be a public speaker.

Thanks for letting me make a lengthy post on my Max- I sometimes use this as a means for my journal keeping and I don't want to forget this sweet stage. How could I not adore this little man?


April and John Meaders said...

So Cute!!! I remember when you were pregnant with Max I can't believe he is so big!!! Wow what a cutie!!! I thought the elbow thing was funny ;)

Brianne & Jarod said...

Those are adorable little stories! I love the ones about the "elbows!"

Glennard said...

I love the Show and Tell times and seeing how much pride Max has in his little toys. And I also love how he'll ask questions even if he doesn't really have a quesiton, he just wants to show that he's there, paying attention. He's a good kid!

A deal stealing mom said...

Loving all the stories Kristen- this is what I love to hear about, the funny happenings of living with two darling boys. The microphone story was hilarious, maybe he really will be a public speaker! And by the way I didn't mean to post that chocolate one on my family blog, it was an accident- but i'm glad you got in on the action. You also don't have to put in your real birthday- I put in a different date all the time- they just have to see that you're older than 18. You can also sign Glen up from your household too if he has a different email address. That's what I do every week- sign up me and then Eric- and then I'll get lots of free chocolate all summer long!

Morgan and Joel said...

These made me laugh out loud. Too funny.

zaharacafe said...

"I am Max and you are all sitting in your chairs..." "I don't have elbows." How seet!

zaharacafe said...

How sWeet it should be. :)

Tyson Gerber said...

So cute! Man he is just developing into such a good little man.


Britt Wright said...

he has grown up too fast! These stories put a smile on my face. can't wait till colter bay!

Brandon And Kimberlee said...

lol, that made me laugh so hard I almost cried! What a little cutie! It's so fun to see them learn! I LOVE the elbow stories, the innocence - so sweet and funny!

JDF said...

Love these stories. I miss have you close by. When are you coming back to visit?