Thursday, February 12, 2009


Just a few random notes from our lives recently. We are taking a family Little Gym class and it is DARLING. I love to see Max doing the activities! I have tried posting some videos of it. Yes, I know they are FAR more interesting to his mother... but he is cute. I think the video is at the end...

Glenn is pretty determined to get on a game show while we live in LA, and his first attempt was the show Wipeout! Those of you who know Glenn well don't need to be told why this appealed to him so much. May he never grow out of his love for adventure! Well, after standing in line (through rain!) for nearly three hours, he and his buddies were asked one question: Why do you want to be on Wipeout? Apparently being a fit, Caucasian, non-weirdo male answering that you'd like to take on the obstacle course is one sure fire way to get sent home. And so they were...
(In the pic, all those circled in yellow went on to the next level of interviews, while those in pink- aka Glenn's group- were sent home) Way to go for trying Glenn, Matt, and Sam!

I felt so badly when I heard the news that I made an obstacle course for them here in the backyard called 'Wipe-Up' based on the obstacles of motherhood. Such events included the Diaper Dash (Finding ten diapers and frantically searching for the one with the Golden Nugget... it was a chocolate nugget), Car Seat Chaos (one-handed carrying of a car seat loaded with college texts while jumping over a circling bar and being pelted by opponents with balls), and Bedtime Bench Press (had to read a page of bedtime story while doing push-ups). They ROCKED! Glenn won hands down, even when we made him play again with handicaps. Congrats Love, I knew you had mad parenting skills!

We were watching our wedding video the other day and the nagging question kept pestering me... Can I still wear my wedding dress? Happily the night ended with smiles, not tears :). Glenn was awesome to help me play dress up! I guess we never grow out of needing to feel like a princess.

Yes, MAX IS READING before he's potty trained... early on one, late on the other! :) Way to go buddy- we're proud of you!!!

Thanks for all the thoughts on Sunday activities- they were awesome! I am seriously excited for the Sabbath to come this week and give them a try.

It's been almost a month now, but thanks to Brooke and Eric for coming to visit! (This is the world's shortest video- it was supposed to be a picture!!!)


TysonandMarthaGerber said...

Little gym! So many of my friends are doing similar classes and they LOVE THEM. Cute Max is always trying new things. I loved the photo of your wedding dress - what a good feeling to be able to wear it - after TWO kids. Congrats girl

Andrea said...

I love the randomness update. Too bad Glen didn't get onto that show...we actually love that show. It's hilarious.
That is one impressive frown on that second photo, Glen.
I love that you did an obstacle coarse for them, Kristen. What a good woman. And the wedding beautiful as ever!

Morgan and Joel said...

That obstacle course sounded like it rocked. Very cool, Kris, very cool.

zaharacafe said...

You know Kristen, this is why I need to learn from you. Obstacle course, being able to go into your wedding dress after two kids, and many more. I wish I could only get back in the clothes from three years ago.

Britt Wright said...

Kristen...I can't believe you fit into your wedding dress! you rock! I tried mine on several years ago, and it was my ribs that stopped me from fitting...those darn kids. =P just kidding, I wouldn't have it any other way!
And what an AWESOME obstacle course. You are so creative and I sure do love ya!

The Alger Family said...

How funny, we take Katelyn to The Little Gym here and she loves it! She has been going for about a year and it so darling.
Congrats on fitting into your wedding dress! I am scared to try mine on.
You are as beautiful as ever!

Fit - Healthy - Strong said...

that's so cool you tried out for the show "wipe out" - I heart that show. Steve and I LOL lots and lots.