Monday, April 02, 2007

Hello, We're Back and Taking Calls

Well... it has been a long time. I have finally found a minute or two to return to my blogging ways and to try to catch up on the entries I've missed from all of your wonderful adventures! I'll use this blog as a catch up time, and hopefully become more interesting in my next entries! We've missed blogging Christmas, Glenn turning 26, our short lasted obsession with Guitar Hero (great video game, for short periods of time), our adventures at the new Children's Museum, etc., etc. So I've posted various images from over the past few months.

On the repetitive side- Glenn is speaking at his graduation on April 27th and then we will be looking for a CA or NY job after that (even though he will be doing two courses via the internet to officially graduate in August). He is most interested in storyboarding in the industry now (we're sticking to animated pieces; live action movies get too sketchy on content), and he is a marvelous storyboarder so I think he'll make it. This is just the season to have patience and faith in finding the right position (which may require Glenn to do something other than storyboarding for awhile). Also, Glenn is now illustrating another book this year for Cedar Fort. It is a full color book which promises to be beautiful. Glenn continues to be a marvel and I have no idea where he gets his tenacity and ability to still come home and try to rub my feet. He is one wonderful man.

Max is nothing short of darling. He is becoming such a little boy. I sat and watched him play with babies today during play group. So weird to see your baby entertaining and calming other babies. He says "Oh Dude" in honor of Scott and has the best hair I've ever seen (that is, if you like it unruly and full of it, just like a little boy's hair should be). He is currently calling down from his crib trying desperately to convince me that he is not tired enough for his afternoon nap and thoroughly ready to play with his train set. We are still working on the language skills, but I am not worried about aptitude. He can tell us what almost all of the animals say and knows every body part. He has great problem-solving skills and loves letters and numbers. I can hear him 'reading' on his own all the time. He just sits and points to letters and pretends he is saying the right names for them. Very cute. I should also mention that we have now entered the season of time-outs. It works well and I am ever surprised when we have success at helping him change his attitude. He is such a good kid that at this point the discipline isn't too complicated. I'm sure we're in for bigger challenges to come.

As for me, well you guys know what it is like- our lives are really about the lives of those in our families. I have been able to get back to the gym this week though (thanks to Glenn- it is a trick to get some of his time!). This is heavenly even though most of my body parts are so sore. I am so ready to be done with managing this place- it is not so fun being the accountant,secretary, HR/PR, lawyer, grounds crew, and security guard while trying to run my own household. Sometimes I wish that I could let trying to clean the house go. But then we would also forfeit having the spirit of a house of order (excluding the laundry!). Also, my nephew Gabriel is with us again this week while his mom goes in for some more surgery. He is behaving wonderfully, but it is always a lot more work. Yet, I still think we are ready for two kids. Sometimes I think it is crazy to have more than one, but then I think about when they are grown and being on family vacations together... yeah, Max won't be an only child.

That is all for now, I have Max mesmorized by a home video of himself while Gabriel is singing Santa Clause is Coming to Town in my ear. I guess it is time to go back to the troops.


Mindy said...

I missed your posts and I'm glad to see you are back! You’re right, Max is adorable and I LOVE the hair. (I looked a little like that as a kid. My mom couldn't do anything with my hair despite my dad's constant prodding to do SOMETHING with it.)

Glennard said...

Honey, you look so HOT playing Guitar Hero! Whew! I'm a lucky man!

The Woman said...

Yeah! We've all been waiting and waiting for you to start up again. Love the pictures, you all look like you're doing great and having fun. We've missed hearing about you!

Karen said...

It's wonderful to see you again! We forget you have dial-up and have almost forgotten how slow that was! No wonder you haven't been around much! Hang in there - a new adventure is just around the corner!

Brianne and Jarod Stewart said...

Hi Glen and Kristen..this is Brianne "Wallace" Sara Probert got in contact with me, and through her I have been able to explore the amazing world of bloggers from back home! You two look GREAT! (and Max is the cutest ever!) I have been telling my husband all about you two, and just want to say thanks for being some of the most amazing, happy, and fun people to be friends with growing up! It sure is fun to see what everyone is up to. I just started our blog, check it out if you have a chance :)