Sunday, November 20, 2005

On Kim's request

This post will contain mainly pictures of Max through the days. Kristen told me the other day that Kim wanted to see more pictures of Max online because she checks this site nearly every day. I have been slacking, and I apologize. Feel free to add comments at any time. It is fun for us to see your responses and requests. At the bottom of every post there is a button that says Comments and it's underlined. You can click on that and share your thoughts. We'd love to hear what is on your mind. So without any further ado...


Glennard said...

This is an example of someone making a comment on the post.

Anonymous said...

Thank you my son for the new pics... They warm a grandma's heart for sure. We had so much fun with him the other day. We love you and yours sooooo much..
Kim and Jim

Karen said...

You have more on your site than I realized! I only saw the pictures on the right as you open the blog unless you just added these. Pictures are great. Be sure to tell us what's going on, too! Mom

Anonymous said...

your baby is so very cute, I don't think you're going to recognize me...let's say I'm an old acquaintance of yours, you did not think of contacting ( hehehe )
just a piece of may not want aaaaaaaaallllllllll of your private facts and moments to be posted on the're a nut, you never know who exactly gets to read .
You still don't know who I am?
does the name Mariangelica ring a bell?
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see ya.